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Nick Abraham
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Nick Abraham Energetic, just the right amount of angst, and super catchy and original at the same time Favorite track: Trains.
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released July 8, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios, Pittsburg, CA over 10 days between June 2015 and January 2016

Psycho Killer © Talking Heads

on this recording, SARCHASM IS:
Mari - guitar, vocals
Alex - bass, vocals
Stevie - drums, vocals, piano on "Marionette"
Grayson - guitar, vocals

Thanks for believing in us. We couldn't have done this without you.



all rights reserved


Sarchasm Berkeley, California

Sarchasm are three introverts with radically different coffeeshop orders, unified by their love of superheroes, burritos, and ugly button-up shirts. They make music about mountains and friendships gone wrong.


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Track Name: Faster Than Words
I've got a heart that's in my mind. It's broken, beating out of time. It's you. And when you look me in the eyes I wonder why you try to hide the truth because I know it.
Well you're fast and bright. You burn through the trees of a summer night. You had it bad, I knew.
So take me out of you. I would've noticed if you told me. I hurt you bad even if I didn't try to when you smile a little wider.
Because you love to hold what you can't have. Grab the disappointment by the hand. He'll pull you up and take you down. Always go for the higher ground when you do. And I'm not it.
I'm just hands you can grab and I'm a sucker for the words that you don't have. But you have it bad, I know.
And I don't know how to say this. I don't know how to pay this tollbooth man for my rainy afternoons. Because all he did was give me guidance to the heat of awkward silence and now I feel unfortunate for you.
You can be so uptight in the back room. In a past room. But I fear I've lost hold of all the genuine devotion that I'm supposed to have. You can be toxic and repressed when you don't want to. But I fear that I've fallen to caring less than I have to.
When you smile a little wider.
Track Name: Marionette
Would you like to play a simple little game? Rules you must obey. They won't hurt now please stay. Rolling of the dice and the testing of your fate. Run the little lab mice as they go towards the bait.
You can see the marionette strings. They pull and tug. They can be so controlling to me.
Come and take your turn rolling up a five. Landing in the fields that burn it seems that's your last life. A rematch says you. Afraid it can't be done. It's just a little game we do but you've had your fun.
You can see the marionette strings. They pull and tug. They can be so controlling to me. Now how naive. Our thread is constantly thinning. As you waste it all. You see, there's no resetting at all.
Track Name: You & Me
You. You were standing there. Staring blankly at the corner of my ear.
And I’ve got the feeling here that your mind was not much present in the room.
If you’ve got memories to sort well that’s just fine. I don’t mind you taking up my time. I’ll sit here in the corner of myself. Let us sit together on hell.
But please don’t be obsolete. I don't have a lot of people there for me. I’m not doing anything and though I do forget we will be joyfully dancing through winters though the record’s out of time and not even stopping to notice. Oh my friend even if you may not know me so well. Gladly let us sit over hell.
'Cause I don’t mind listening to romantics out of line if that’s just what you’re thinking. You and me living by the window on TV. That’s apparently the dream.
You and me selling postcards for a time that was to be so surely to be remembered. I can’t see too far back without making up everything but I know it’s not happening.
But there’s another you and me singing Monday bloody Monday through everything. Getting through the rough times. You and me always living by the window on TV. That’s apparently the dream.
Track Name: Trains
Why is it that through all of this I'm made to take the blame? It's gotten to the point where your heart breaks if your hear his name. And yet I wonder the result if I hadn't been the one to hear both sides of the story when all was said and done.
So listen up 'cause we've been hearing trains pass all day. Take my hand and I won't let them take you away.
Pin me to the wall. Draw your bows and aim your darts. Paint a target on my chest. You can pretend it's art. You're the one to blame. Things will never be the same. I know there's nothing to fear but still where do we go from here?
Standing by the tracks wondering how it came to this. I remember standing here not long ago, the end my only wish. Now I'm back and sane again for reasons not quite clear. Watch the system break I guess she needs me to be here.
So what do we do now? What do we do now that it's over and done? Take me back to the day it all went wrong. I know that I can't fix it but I wish you hadn't gone.
Track Name: Memorials
You know I never asked about identities. I know the past is past but it all seems weird to me. 'Cause in my head there's a farm and it's clear on the left. But not so much on the right it's always the same old, same old barn.
Something in how I see you, girl, makes me wanna, wanna call you the world. But there are billions other than you. And being indisposed when there's time would be quite the silly thing to do.
Your sneakers streak the floor. A rainbow track as you creak the door. Hope to escape from the fire. Fire burns, leaves me wired. Watching, waiting for opportunity. When it's coming, it's unknown. Past is past and it's sad to see. At most to say the least.
Something in how I lose you, baby, makes me wonder if I'm just crazy or if you're driving me insane. And losing chances skipping lines would be quite the unfortunate.
How I stutter on my thoughts. Thinking about how you come down. And how below the collar I'm hot. It's 80 degrees so cold in town. How this madness ropes me in and I'm drawn to your gallows. But I'll never perish here. You're far too shallow.
Something in how I spiral down makes me wonder why do I frown when you smile at your insolence? A token to your late independence.
Isn't it funny how you're gone.
Track Name: Mt. Rainier
She never heard the train come. We never stood a chance. It sent her body flying from Rainier into the Midwest. They told us to not wear black. Light a candle and she might come back. It's midnight and I'm so alone. I haven't spoken since I got back home.
Hold a funeral for Lucy. She's never coming home. I miss her oh so dearly. I'm sorry she had to go.
I'm lost on Highway 5 and I'm too out of it to drive. All I know is that it's one straight line to Olympia and maybe we'll be fine. I tried to pull up this anchor and sail so far away. Tried to forget how our reflections looked on the Puget Sound that day.
Hold a funeral for Lucy. She's never coming home. I miss her oh so dearly. I'm sorry she had to go. We lost ourselves in the great Northwest and I'm still losing sleep. There's a hollow feeling in my chest. I wonder if you miss me.
Give my love to the Cascades. Give my love to the endless rain. Give my love to all my friends. I'm sorry that it had to be this way.
If we make it out of this alive can we pretend we're eighteen one more time? Meet me back at the cafe where we spent so many nights and said our last goodbyes.